Llamado para plaza postdoctoral en aspectos teóricos y empíricos de conservación y manejo sustentable de organismos marinos costeros

The Núcleo Milenio Centro de Conservación Marina (Center for Marine Conservation) of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile is opening a Postdoctoral position to conduct research in theoretical and empirical aspects of conservation and sustainable management of coastal marine organisms.

The Centro de Conservación Marina (CCM, http://www.conservacionmarinauc.cl) is a research center dedicated to generate and disseminate the scientific information needed to foster sustainable management and conservation of marine biodiversity in the coastal ocean, especially in coastal habitats. Our efforts are concentrated in temperate central Chile, a region influenced by coastal upwelling and one of the most productive marine ecosystems of the world. Scientific research is therefore expected to have important impacts on management and sustainability of coastal fisheries. Six researchers, several postdoctoral fellows as well as PhD and undergraduate students of different nationalities and research interests have been working in the Center during the past 4 years. Thus, successful candidates will join a leading research group of Ecologists, Oceanographers and Social biologists. The CCM is based in the Estación Costera de Investigaciones Marinas (ECIM), located in the seaside town of Las Cruces, in the “Coast of Poets” of central Chile.  The ECIM possesses modern office and laboratory facilities, and has direct access to an adjacent marine reserve. More info at http://www.ecim.cl. Research laboratories are also available in the main campus of the University in Santiago, only one-hour drive from Las Cruces.

The goal of the postdoctoral position is to develop modelling and/or data base analyses that will strengthen the interaction and integration of the different research lines of the Center. The capacity to collaborate with other postdocs, students and PIs is therefore critical. Research topics may include analytical or numerical modeling of marine reserves and TURF networks, fisheries management of spatially structured coastal resources, the ecology of dispersal and stock-recruitment in marine benthic organisms, or physical-biological coupling.

This is a full-time position for 2 years and it is available immediately.

Required qualifications: a PhD in marine biology/ecology/genetics or fisheries science; a proven ability to lead and publish research; fluency in English.

Desirable qualifications: experience with hydrographic and meta-population models and/or statistical analyses of biological and population genetics data; working knowledge of Spanish.

Application deadline: March 30th, 2016

Candidates should submit their CV, publication list, a one-page letter briefly outlining the candidate’s research background and interests, and the names and contact information of three references (electronic submission in one PDF document is strongly preferred).

 Send your applications or requests to: Dr. Maria Dulce Subida (mdsubida@bio.puc.cl)